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Entrepreneurs: Small Business Challenge

With new businesses accounting for nearly all net new job creation, small businesses have become the engines that are driving our economy. Yet, one-third of small businesses will fail within their first two years, and fifty-percent will fail within five years. Not all entrepreneurs are entrepreneurial, and those who lack an entrepreneurial mindset are at a distinct disadvantage to compete in the market.


A small business owner with an entrepreneurial mindset can see opportunities where others see none. And, a small business owner who is entrepreneurial will work to overcome self-limiting beliefs and take action to bring ideas to fruition, leveraging the resources at hand. An entrepreneurial mindset understands that building a brand of reliability and following through on simple solutions can lead to unforeseen opportunities. An entrepreneurial mindset will empower a small business owner to persist through challenges and self-doubt by building upon self-efficacy moments of success through the entrepreneurial process.


Sirena Moore-Thomas

Featured Ice House Entrepreneur, Certified Ice House Facilitator, "Destroyer of Comfort Zones"

Sirena Moore-Thomas is an experienced Entrepreneur, Strategist, and REVENUE GENERATING MACHINE! With no college degree and very little resources, she has generated millions of dollars in revenue, won hundreds of Federal Contracts and continues to inspire business leaders around the world. She consistently finds success in seemingly impossible situations.

At just 25 years old, her entrepreneurial accomplishments coupled with her infectious energy and ambition quickly caught the eye of National media including New York Times, Black Enterprise Magazine, Essence Magazine, NBC Nightly News, Upscale Magazine, BET-j and many others. Sirena has received a myriad of awards highlighting her business proficiency and next generation leadership. Sirena’s innate ability to connect with individuals and impact the lives of so many are evident in her high demand. YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT!!!!!

Course Outline


In every community, there are — ordinary people who have no particular advantage over others, yet somehow they manage to succeed. What sets them apart? How are they able to recognize opportunities that others overlook? What is it that enables them to overcome obstacles and rise above their circumstances to reach for a better life? And more importantly, what can we all learn from them?


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Course Elements


Utilizing both written and online course materials you will complete weekly modules independently. Then, your entire class will meet with our team of dynamic facilitators and business coaches one night each week to discuss the content and dive deeper. This is a powerful component of the course! Lastly, you will be invited to network and share in our private Facebook Group with other course attendees 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

By the end of the 8-week session you will be equiped with the tools necessary to  overcome your fears, build community, create your personal brand, become a life-long learner, develop grit, tap into internal motivation, define personal and professional goals, manage limited resources, and truly understand the problems you are solving for others.


  • 16 HOURS of group coaching sessions with Sirena Moore -Thomas
  • Master the eight critical entrepreneurial mindset characteristics as outlined in the book "Who Owns the Ice House" by Clifton Taulbert.
  • Create a solid vision statement to guide your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Learn to use the Opportunity Discovery Canvas to evaluate your business idea or find a new direction for your current business.
  • Interact and receive support from peers who are on a similar journey.
  • Re-ignite your entrepreneurial fire.
  • Access private social media for additional coaching and networking.


  • Business owners who feel stagnant or stuck with their strategies and would like to re-invigorate their creativity and motivation.
  • Aspiring business owners who may be fearful or unsure of how to launch a business.
  • Entrepreneurs who would like to refine their business idea with inexpensive yet creative market research.
  • Employees looking to create more value for themselves and increase motivation and self-confidence in the workplace.


Early Bird Deadlines  December 30th, 2018
Next Class  February 4th, 2019


*Limited Spaces Available
Special Price Tuition $597
Standard Tuition $997

*Tuition is non-refundable



"Having live, real people share their journey is amazing. The entrepreneurs gave of themselves from such a real place, it couldn’t help but impact my thought process and how I was thinking. They all had a different perspective, they all came from different industries, and they all had different upbringings, surroundings, and life experiences."

Darleen Daniels, Ice House Participant, Small Business Development Center


Learn how to overcome your fears, build community, create a personal brand, become a life-long learner, develop grit, tap into internal motivation, define personal and professional goals, manage limited resources, and truly understand the problems you are solving for others.